Publishing Partnerships

Partner Opportunities in Publishing

As content formats evolve, publishers and other rightsholders continue to explore new business models.  CCC’s innovative solutions will help open doors of opportunity for generating revenue for content licensing in all its forms. CCC licensing services help publishers monetize their content  and provide sophisticated online tools to analyze trends and usage data.

Referral or Reseller Partner

By referring or reselling CCC’s rightsholder solutions, your customers or association members gain access to a comprehensive set of solutions for rights management and content services.

Integration Partner

By integrating your solutions with CCC’s technology, partners can help publishers deliver instant permission to reuse the publisher’s content right where it’s being used. With improved online experiences for their customers, publishers are able to simplify permissions processes and increase their transactional rights and content revenue.

Partner Program Benefits

  • Financial Incentives
  • Listing in Online Partner Directory
  • Partner Communications
  • Sales and Marketing Tools
  • Technical Support and Sales Training