Business Partnerships

Partner Opportunities in Business

Businesses today rely on timely information to remain competitive in the marketplace. While technology makes it easy to find and use content, obtaining copyright permissions can be time-consuming and costly. CCC simplifies the process of obtaining permissions for corporations — from text to movies and television shows.

Reseller or Referral Partner

CCC’s licensing solutions provide tools for corporations to collaborate and share information responsibly. Your customers can easily check CCC’s annual license coverage online or access web applications that simplify searching, as well as manage and analyze use of online documents and subscriptions.

Integration Partner

Corporate partners can enhance the value of their applications by integrating rights licensing and content with their own solutions. For example, leverage CCC’s APIs to provide your customers with seamless access to CCC’s rights advisory services. This enables your customers to have immediate access to rights information within your solution.

Some partner program benefits include the following:

  • Financial Incentives
  • Listing in Online Partner Directory
  • Partner Communications
  • Sales and Marketing Tools
  • Technical Support and Sales Training