CCC K-12 Curricula and Lessons Pilot Program Details

CCC is currently investigating the viability of offering an annual license for the reuse of high-quality copyrighted content (e.g., magazine and newspaper articles, book excerpts, web content, etc.) in a specific segment of the K-12 market. The license would cover the use of materials in curriculum, lessons, and learning materials prepared for K-12 students and initially be targeted at EdTech and other companies that develop digital curriculum and learning products for the US K-12 market. To test this concept, CCC is conducting a pilot program with a small number of companies that provide K-12 curriculum and learning products which include excerpts of copyrighted content. Below are details on the pilot program for licensed participants.  

Pilot Program Time Frame
The pilot commences on the effective date of the mutually signed license agreement and concludes on June 30, 2021.  

Title Coverage Verification 
To verify works covered under the license, please use CCC’s  RightFind Assessments tool. Please remember that you must adhere to any publisher special terms associated with a specific title. The Request Coverage feature can be used for any title not pre-authorized by a participating publisher.    

Participating Publishers 
Please be advised that not all Student Assessment License (SAL) publishers listed in RightFind Assessments, and not all works even of participating publishers, are participating in the pilot program. Be sure to only use content from authorized works from publishers who have agreed to participate in the pilot program as listed below. We continue to add publishers weekly, so we suggest you check this list frequently.

  • Enslow Publishers 
  • Gareth Stevens 
  • Highlights* 
  • Kids Can Press  
  • Nomad Press 
  • Quirk Books
  • Rosen Publishing  
  • Rourke Publishing* 
  • Society for Science & The Public 
  • Stone Soup*
  • Washington Post*
  • W.W. Norton 

*These publishers provide free access to their digital content library for search and discovery purposes. To obtain access, please see Content Access section below. 

Content Access
CCC has agreements with several publishers to provide test developers with free access to their digital content libraries to search and discover content covered under the SAL. This feature is available for pilot program participants to use as well. Please visit this page to request content access for the publishers noted in the section above.   

Usage Reporting
All participants are required to submit usage reporting twice during the pilot program: midway through your term and at the end of the pilot. CCC will contact each participant 30 days before their usage reporting is due and provide details on reporting requirements. Reporting will need to include student counts who viewed excerpts of content covered under the license as well as a list of covered works stored in your application’s database.

Customer Support

  • For questions or issues regarding RightFind Assessments, please contact Erika Bagley at or 978-646-2800
  • For questions or issues regarding your agreement including terms of use, exclusions, and invoicing/payment, please contact Karen Melanson at or 978-646-2846
  • For all other questions, issues, comments, or feedback please contact Tim Bowen at or 978-646-2592