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9 February 2022
11:00 AM EST /
5:00 PM CET

Join CCC on Wednesday, 9 February at 16:00 GMT (11:00 EST) on LinkedIn Live for a Town Hall program on the changes and the choices ahead for researchers and librarians.

Technological innovation. Economic disruption. Social upheaval.

Town Hall guests will share the latest research on the powerful forces bringing disruption to an age-old partnership – and why change may mean opportunity to widen access, accelerate discovery, and close the information gap.

  • Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President for Research and Membership, and Chief Strategist, OCLC, reflects on the evolution of library collections and services in the networked era. During his 20-year career at OCLC, Dempsey has shaped a research agenda that has influenced the global library profession.
  • Matthew Hayes, Managing Director, Lean Library, presents the findings of Librarian Futures, an unprecedented survey of 4,000 librarians and patrons.
  • Willa Liburd Tavernier, Research Impact & Open Scholarship Librarian, Indiana University-Bloomington, explores how libraries can welcome discussions on equitable scholarly communication, governance, and sustainability.
  • Kate Worlock, Vice President and Lead Analyst, Outsell, Inc., details academic library usage trends in the pandemic era.

Find out what makes today’s libraries so much more than physical places or even digital collections.

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