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10 November 2021
1:00 PM EST /
7:00 PM CET

ThinkCERCA, an education company that creates K-12 writing software and curriculum, traditionally relied on synthetic and public domain content in its solution, much like similar ed techs without the resources in place to obtain individual permissions to reuse excerpts of content from books, newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Recently, ThinkCERCA discovered that educators using its application wanted higher-quality published content to augment the public domain and synthetic content it had been offering. However, without the time, people, or experience needed to secure copyright permissions on an individual basis, the company had to find a new solution to meet the content requests of educators.

Join CCC and Eileen Murphy, Founder and CEO of ThinkCERCA, to learn how the Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction helped ThinkCERCA satisfy the content requests of educators and add greater value to its offering without the need to negotiate individual licensing contracts with publishers.

The Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction eases the burden of obtaining one-off permissions by providing a broad repertory of print or digital rights that enable the reuse and distribution of excerpts of high-quality published content in curriculum and instructional materials, ed tech applications, and online platforms such as learning management systems.

Don’t miss our 30-minute presentation to learn how ThinkCERCA and other ed tech providers use the Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction to increase satisfaction with their offerings by gaining permission to immediately reuse and distribute excerpts of timely, diverse, local, and inclusive published content.


Eileen Murphy
Founder and CEO

Eileen will share insights into ThinkCERCA’s use of the Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction and reveal how it improved her company’s offering.

Andrew Campana
Business Development Director
CCC (Copyright Clearance Center)

Andrew will discuss how CCC developed the Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction and how your organization can use it to streamline your copyright permissions process.

Christopher Kenneally
Marketing Director
CCC (Copyright Clearance Center)

Christopher will moderate this webcast, including its live question and answer segment, and serve as audience representative to propose topics and questions of most interest to you.