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9 September 2021
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In addition to high-quality textbooks, K-12 students need ready access to critical supplemental texts that are found in fiction and non-fiction books, as well as newspapers, magazines, and websites.

In fact, most state educational standards such as Common Core and other state standards, require students to read and respond to rich and complex texts. These state educational standards call for supplemental reading at a higher-level, but in small portions across the curriculum.

Coupled with this increased demand is the rapid adoption of educational technology tools and desire of ed tech and other companies to include high-quality reading materials in their applications. This demand extends to all corners of the academic market. Trade publishers, news papers, magazines, and academic presses that have an inventory of high-quality fiction and non-fiction content are in a unique position to meet this market demand.

The Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction from CCC is a collective license that provides print and digital rights to reuse excerpts of copyrighted content in curriculum and instructional materials, as well as online platforms such as learning management systems and ed tech applications.

The service is designed to address the diverse licensing needs of content users across the academic market and enables licensees to incorporate portions of copyrighted publications in curriculum and instruction to provide learners with local, personalized, diverse, inclusive, and equitable educational experiences.