Meeting the Needs of Emerging Life Science Companies with RightFind

RightFind-Suite-for-Emerging-Life-Sciences-CompaniesThe ability to seek, discover, access, and share scientific, technical and medical (STM) articles is vital to the success of an emerging life science organization. But without a centralized information center or library, there are significant barriers to retrieving and sharing content. Creating an information center is ideal, but that would require substantial investments in time and money—both of which may be in short supply for growing companies.

Copyright Clearance Center is pleased to offer the RightFind for Emerging Life Science Companies. This content workflow solution provides you and your colleagues with fast, easy access to the full range of published content you need – anytime, anywhere – providing a more efficient research process and a strong competitive advantage.

RightFind includes an integrated Annual Copyright License to facilitate copyright-compliant collaboration. The result? A technology solution that bundles a robust set of best-in-class content workflow and information sharing resources to provide a cost-effective, self-service information center.

RightFind Advantages:

  • Accelerate innovation with faster content access
  • Reduce time-consuming article retrieval process
  • Facilitate collaboration across teams
  • Semantic enrichment for search and reading experience
  • Maximize the value of content investments
  • Simplify copyright compliance