Reprints and ePrints

Get High-Quality Article Reprints and ePrints

Reprints can be complex and expensive. At CCC, an experienced reprints professional personally manages your project every step of the way. Your point person will guide you from start to finish: quote, order processing, proof and production, shipment tracking, delivery, and custom invoicing.

Our dedicated team can supply your organization with article reprints from publishers and societies from around the world including Elsevier, Massachusetts Medical Society, SpringerNature, Wolters Kluwer Health, and Oxford University Press, to name a few.

All reprints and ePrints are cleared with the publishers by CCC for distribution. Take advantage of group purchasing to consolidate orders across your business for even greater savings.

Sunshine Act Reporting Made Easy

An extension of CCC’s Reprints Services, our Sunshine Technology for ePrints enables you to get article ePrints into the hands of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and others quickly while capturing the detailed data your organization needs for Sunshine Act reporting. Learn more


  • Standard delivery of reprints: 3-4 weeks where available
  • Rush delivery of reprints: 1-2 weeks where available
  • Special requests: We can often accommodate special customer deadlines and circumstances
  • Reprints are printed on high-quality glossy paper in compliance with publisher specifications and shipped in shrink-wrapped bundles
  • Translations of article reprints and ePrints are available upon request (at discretion of the publisher)
  • Bulk orders can be distributed in small quantities to affiliates worldwide, to offices, warehouses, conference locations, hotels, etc.
  • Invoices can be directed to individual affiliates globally as needed
  • CCC handles all customs paperwork related to shipping

Let CCC do the Work

Let our team of experts take care of all of your reprints and ePrints needs. Get a quote today and see how ordering can be quick, easy and economical.