Professional Services for Business

Driving innovation through digital transformation.

The global pandemic is creating new pressures for research-driven organizations seeking growth. Companies are rethinking Digital Transformation initiatives as they seek nimble, flexible ways to optimize production workflows, strengthen partnerships, and enhance the customer experience by:

  • Unifying disparate systems and siloed data to help bring new products to market more rapidly
  • Maximizing the value of content and technology investments to improve business outcomes
  • Enabling users to navigate vast amounts of data to discover actionable insights

CCC can help. With expertise ranging from text and data mining to patent exploration to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the CCC professional services team brings new perspective, energy and expertise to your top Digital Transformation initiatives. We’ve helped companies in insurance, banking and other financial services, as well as life sciences, medical devices, chemistry, manufacturing and food and beverage as they navigate and adapt to the changing business landscape.

Customer Testimonials

“At its heart, it’s about transforming all that we do around the content we produce to better serve our global learning community. It’s a significant first step, facilitated by the CCC Software Professional Services team’s ability to leverage their deep expertise to align our needs with technology, system integration, and service. They’ve also been instrumental in holding up a mirror to help us appreciate where we stand as an organization in our digital transformation journey, and the set the directions we’d like to travel next.” – Head of Editorial, Internationally Renowned Educational Organization

Our Services

Content & Knowledge Management​ Solutions
Balance the needs of your people, process, technology and content with:​

  • Vision, strategy & change management​
  • Workflow & business process modelling​
  • Data & source integrations​
  • Metadata strategy & management
  • Reporting

Learning Content Management Solutions
Manage distance learning with intuitive authoring and powerful content management

  • Boost learning outcomes with dynamic, personalized content
  • Maximize the value of every content asset
  • Streamline content production

Knowledge Graphs & Data Visualizations
Leverage data visualizations to see and create new opportunities

  • Explore an Author Graph to reveal researcher relationships
  • Create data pipelines to support urgent business needs
  • Cleanse and improve data for better outcomes

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