Pay-Per-Use Permissions

CCC’s Pay-Per-Use Services provide individual permissions for those times when you need to share copyrighted material outside of your business.

Get Permission to:

  • Send copies of published articles to clients
  • Post content on your company’s website
  • Republish copyrighted material in a newsletter or other publication

Interested in Rights to Reuse Content within Your Organization?

More than 35,000 organizations depend on CCC’s company-wide compliance solutions that allow employees to collaborate with colleagues using published articles and other text-based content and to show movies and TV programs at work.

How to Purchase Pay-Per-Use Permissions

To order individual permissions through

  1. Sign up for a free account or login to an existing account.
  2. Search for a publication title or ISBN/ISSN in the GET PERMISSIONS search box.
  3. Click the PAY-PER-USE Options button in the search results to see available rights and place your order.