Top Session Picks for ALPSP Conference 2019

The 2019 Association of Learned and Professional Scholarly Publishers (ALPSP) Conference will take place from 11 to 13 September at the De Vere Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor, UK. This year’s event will focus on Open Research and transparency, business models and innovation (including technology), internationalization, and diversity. 

Jamie Curci Carter, Manager of Publisher Solutions at CCC, looks ahead to this year’s highlights: Breaking the Glass Ceiling includes top-notch presenters and I am excited to hear from them. Thanks to Amy Brand for representing the US. During Business Models and Innovation, I will be interested to see how Annual Reviews is treated after it made headlines at SSP with its Subscribe to Open program. Transforming publishing offers a diverse group of publishers, with the terrific addition of Max Planck to the conversation. Congratulations, ALPSP, for bringing this group together. 

Between networking breaks, charitable activities, and receptions across the grounds of the estate fill your schedule with our top picks for sessions from this year’s program.  

Keynote: The Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA): Opening up the measure of success 

Wednesday, 11 September from 1:45 PM- 2:45 PM 

Hanover Suite, Ground Floor 

  • Prof. Stephen Curry, Assistant Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion), Professor of Structural Biology, Imperial College London, and Chair, DORA 

Scholarly publishing seems to have been poised at the threshold of the open access revolution for over twenty years. While there has certainly been tremendous progress over that time, we have yet to realise all the potential that appeared to be within our grasp at the outset of the 21st Century. Part of the difficulty is that the community has become entangled by the metricisation of research assessment. Unpicking this devilishly knotty problem is the task that DORA – among others – has set itself. But it is not enough just to expose the problem. We have to focus on providing workable solutions. 

Breaking the Glass Ceiling 

Wednesday, 11 September from 3:15 to 4:15 PM 

Hanover Suite, Ground Floor 

  • Rebecca Asher, Deputy Director, Sense about Science 
  • Dr. Amy Brand, Director, The MIT Press 
  • Magdalena Skipper, Editor in Chief, Nature & Chief Editorial Advisor, Nature Research 
  • Lesley Yellowlees, Head of College, The University of Edinburgh 

Part of the Internationalization & Diversity strand, this panel discussion will feature female industry leaders.   

Business Models and Innovation: Reducing User Friction in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 

Thursday, 12 September from 2:50 to 3:35 PM 

Hanover 1, Ground Floor 

  • Miss Sara Grimme, Director of Strategic Accounts, Digital Science 
  • Andrea Powell, Outreach Director and Publisher Coordinator, Research4Life 
  • Dr. Kamran Naim, Director of Partnerships & Initiatives, Annual Reviews 

In this session, we will discuss the challenges faced by research communities in the Global South as they seek access to online resources via over-stretched networks and primarily via mobile devices.  

The Changing Copyright Landscape Across the World and the Impact of Brexit 

Thursday, 12 September from 4:05 to 4:35 PM 

Hanover Suite, Ground Floor 

  • Ms. Sarah Faulder, Chief Executive, Publishers’ Licensing Services Ltd 
  • Elisabeth Ribbans, Director of Policy and Affairs, British Copyright Council 

In this session, we will discuss the opportunities and threats for publishing arising from recent developments in copyright in Europe and around the world with a particular focus on the impact on UK copyright of Brexit.  

Transforming publishing: Sharing perspectives on the latest models to expand open access 

Friday, 13 September from 9:15 to 10:15 AM 

Hanover Suite, Ground Floor 

  • Phil Garner, Managing Director, Future Science Group 
  • Dan Pollock, Chief Digital Officer and Open Access Practice Director, Delta Think 
  • Steven Inchcoombe, Chief Publishing Office, Springer Nature 
  • Malavika Legge, Director of Publishing, Portland Press/Biochemical Society 
  • Niamh O’Connor, Director, Global Journals Development, PLOS 
  • Ralf Schimmer, Director of Scientific Information Provision, MPDL 

How are you feeling about the accelerating transition towards full and immediate open access? Are you excited, scared, overwhelmed, confused? Are you ready? 

CCC is a proud member of ALPSP and is an active partner in the information industry’s transition from subscription content to hybrid and pure Open Access content. For years, CCC has brought together key Open Access stakeholders from the author, publisher, institution, funding and vendor communities through roundtables, panel events, webinars, podcasts, and published pieces.  

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Author: Kurt Heisler

Kurt Heisler is Director of Sales, Publisher, for Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). He has been with CCC for over 10 years and is responsible for helping publishers find efficiency through automation, technology and market-wide collaboration. His primary focus is the market-wide adoption of the RightsLink® platform, and the exploration of new efficiencies and revenue opportunities for publishers. 

Author: Chuck Hemenway

Chuck Hemenway is Director, Publisher Solutions for CCC. He has been at the company for over 20 years and is responsible for helping publishers find efficiency through automation, technology, and market-wide collaboration. His primary focus is the market-wide adoption of the RightsLink platform, and the exploration of new efficiencies and revenue opportunities for publishers.

Author: Jamie Carter

Jamie currently works as manager of publisher account management at Copyright Clearance Center, where she has worked since 2011, finding opportunities to license content and increase royalty revenue. Jamie’s publishing career began at Arcadia Publishing, a UK publisher with an office in Dover, New Hampshire. Hers was a start-up division; Jamie acquired titles, did production work and editing, and even sold books on the road from time to time. In the earliest days of the internet, she worked at a web-design company, then worked for six years as a manufacturing buyer at Heinemann in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Jamie moved back online in 2007, when she became product manager at Publisher Alley, a subscription website for analysis of book sales. Publisher Alley was owned by Baker & Taylor at the time, and is now owned by EBSCO. In this position, she was the editor of Alley Talk, a free companion site for Publisher Alley featuring bestseller listings and industry white papers.
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