AI, copyright, collective licensing

Copyrighted material is fuel for AI systems. Voluntary collective licensing is an effective solution enabling the use of copyrighted material as society realizes the benefits promised by AI systems.

I invite our Velocity of Content blog readers to check out CCC’s “Intersection of AI & Copyright” page.

It features a memo by IP and AI law expert Professor Daniel Gervais of the Vanderbilt Intellectual Property Program, where he addresses key copyright questions posed by AI technologies.

CCC is invested in collaborating with stakeholders to develop market-based licensing solutions as well as solutions that foster high data quality while advocating for responsible policies that respect copyright.


Author: Tracey Armstrong

Tracey Armstrong is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCC. Since becoming CEO in 2007, she has led CCC through a period of tremendous growth and innovation. Armstrong works with publishers, authors, universities, businesses, and industry associations around the world to address copyright issues and establish alliances. A leading voice on global copyright, she has served on the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) Board since 2012 and is currently President. She is also on the Board of Harborlight Homes, a Massachusetts-based non-profit Community Development Corporation that cultivates just, equitable, and sustainable housing opportunities. Armstrong champions CCC’s global “We Not Me” program promoting corporate and individual social responsibility. She was recently named to the 2023 Forbes 50 Over 50 list, highlighting dynamic female leaders and entrepreneurs who have achieved significant success. Armstrong holds an MBA from Northeastern University.
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