Takeaways from the March 2022 OA Switchboard Webinar 

Late March, CCC hosted the OA Switchboard webinar, Lessons Learned to Make Reporting Easy. It was a pleasure to participate alongside several industry thought leaders across the institutional and publishing communities. I was particularly excited to announce the news from that morning’s press release of the collaboration between the OA Switchboard and CCC to automate the exchange of Open Access payment information between publishers, institutions, and funders. Although this is just the beginning of what we hope to be a long and fruitful collaboration, CCC looks forward to immediate work with the OA Switchboard to deliver more value to our RightsLink publishers by simplifying their OA reporting workflows and enhancing the quality and validity of the data shared with their institutional and funding partners through the Switchboard.  

A recurring theme throughout the program was the value of cross-stakeholder collaboration on the Open Access journey. Many presenters looked to a future that includes more interoperability, transparency, and trust. With this new CCC-Switchboard endeavor, we are proud to contribute in new ways to a more connected, inclusive, and vibrant scholarly publishing ecosystem. In the spirit of exchanging information and ideas for inspiration, I’m sharing some insightful takeaways from my fellow speakers.

Yvonne Campfens, Executive Director, OA Switchboard  

Arjan Schalken, Program Manager, UKB 

Liz Bal, Director of Open Research Services, Jisc 

Matt Green, Director of Product, Hindawi 

Laura Buchan, Publisher, Portland Press 

Matthew Day, Head of Open Research Policy & Partnerships, Cambridge University Press 

Stephen Wilkes, Product Manager, Author Experience, Royal Society of Chemistry  

Claudia Heidrich, Sales Manager, Royal Society of Chemistry 

In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to continuing the conversation around advancing open scholarly publishing in sustainable and efficient ways. 


Author: Jamie Carmichael

Jamie Carmichael brings more than 17 years’ experience in publishing to her current role as Senior Director, Information & Content Solutions, at CCC. In this position, she oversees the product marketing practice for CCC’s publisher portfolio, with a focus on RightsLink for Scientific Communications.
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