Roy Kaufman, CCC’s Managing Director, Business Development and Government Relations, has been appointed as a member of the Library of Congress Copyright Public Modernization Committee (CPMC), which has been established to enhance communication and provide a public forum for the technology-related aspects of the U.S. Copyright Office’s modernization initiative.

The CPMC will expand and enhance communication with external stakeholders on the modernization of Copyright Office IT systems. Committee members were selected for their ability to represent a broad cross-section of the copyright community and other interested groups. CPMC participants will provide valuable input into the development of the new Enterprise Copyright System (ECS), which includes the Office’s registration, recordation, and other public records, as well as records of the IT applications that it has licensed, and will be encouraged to help spread awareness of the Library’s systems more broadly.

Other members of the CPMC include Todd Carpenter, National Information Standards Organization; Wahaj Chaudhry,; Susan Chertkof, Recording Industry Association of America; Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive; Keith Kupferschmid, Copyright Alliance; Melissa Levine, University of Michigan Library; Pamela Malpas, Association of American Literary Agents Copyright Committee co-chair; Micah May, Digital Public Library of America; James Neal, Columbia University Librarian Emeritus, ALA, ACRL; Kathleen Rodriguez, Warner Media; Jeff Sedlik, Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) Coalition; and Scott Weingart, Carnegie Mellon.

“It’s an honor to be selected for the CPMC,” said Kaufman. “The proposed Enterprise Copyright System offers the Library of Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office an opportunity to reimagine ways to place the interests of creators and other users of the Office’s services front and center, generating value for all participants in digital commerce.”

Author: CCC

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