How to Achieve Digital Dexterity: 4 Elements of Focus

Any successful strategy starts with fully understanding your audience – who they are, their habits, what influences and motivates them, what challenges they face. For knowledge managers, having insight into their audience – or in this case, workforce – is critical.

Looking at today’s workplace, Generations Y and Z are quickly becoming the new majority. As the first digital natives, these employees engage with content differently than their Gen X and Baby Boomer coworkers. So, for companies to practice effective knowledge management in a changing business and technology landscape, the strategy must be driven by the needs and preferences of this emerging majority.

Join CCC and Michelle Drabik, Sr. Manager of Intellectual Capital Management at Honeywell UOP, on Tuesday, 29 January at 11:00am EST, as she compares across generations and outlines how the voices of digital natives shaped Honeywell UOP’s knowledge management strategy, called The Connected Scientist.

Register here for an engaging look at:

  • The shifting makeup of today’s workforce
  • Generational preferences for accessing and consuming content
  • Beliefs about intellectual property across generations
  • Drivers for a successful knowledge management strategy

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Author: Molly Tainter

Molly Buccini is a marketing communications manager at CCC. Her background before CCC includes B2B content marketing and local news reporting. Outside of the office, she enjoys reading, traveling, and theater.
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