Nature Climate Change, based in the UK. Frontiers in Climate in Switzerland. PLOS Climate, with headquarter in California. The Journal of Climate Change, published in Amsterdam by IOS Press.

Scholarly publishers around the world have taken up the challenge to publish the latest research on what may prove to be the story of the century: That technologies created by humankind are altering the natural ecosystem of planet Earth – with dangerous consequences.

Publishing is also sharing information and data on climate change even while taking steps to drive systemic change within its own sector.

Publishing 2030, launched last week, is a one-year project that aims to support and test early-stage ideas that will positively contribute to the publishing sector’s sustainability.

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At Frankfurt Book Fair on Wednesday, October 19, the International Publishers Association (IPA) will hold a “sustainability summit” to present details for two workstream initiatives – the carbon footprint of an individual book and a distributed printing network idea – Rachel Martin, co-founder of the Publishing 2030 Accelerator and Global Director of sustainability at Elsevier, explains to me.

“Nobody’s going to get to Net Zero by themselves; we all have to work together,” Martin says.

“Recognition of that across publishing has been incredibly important. It’s time to say, ‘How do we move forward ideas about tricky, hard-to-do things such book returns or book recycling?’ We need to start thinking about how we make those choices now,” she adds.


Author: Christopher Kenneally

Christopher Kenneally hosts CCC's Velocity of Content podcast series, which debuted in 2006 and is the longest continuously running podcast covering the publishing industry. As CCC's Senior Director, Marketing, he is responsible for organizing and hosting programs that address the business needs of all stakeholders in publishing and research. His reporting has appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, The Independent (London), WBUR-FM, NPR, and WGBH-TV.
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