CCC is heading to Rancho Mirage from March 19-21 to attend DIA’s Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum (MASC 2018) – and we hope we’ll see you there.

Here at CCC, we know the way organizations search, access, and obtain medical information is evolving. For medical affairs professionals, whose roles center around providing and obtaining accurate drug information, this is hugely important.

If this is intriguing to you, here are a few sessions you might want to check out at MASC 2018:

Gold! Gold! Gold from Medical Information!

Session Description: Medical information/communications (MI) departments within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry have existed for decades. These departments have also been documenting unsolicited drug information requests in electronic databases and utilizing the metrics to enhance data capture, business processes and workflows. While these efforts have served to improve the operations of the MI department, ongoing challenges in demonstrating the value and impact of the MI function remain. The database documenting the MI requests is a gold mine with untapped potential. Sharing the metrics is easy, but what do the metrics mean without context? What are some key performance indicators that can showcase the value of MI? What are insights, how are these identified, and who should be the audience of these? During this session the faculty will share their views and experiences on demonstrating the value of medical information.

Strategic Deployment of MI “Troops” and Capitalizing on New Technologies for MI Collaborations

Session Description: A dynamic offering for any medical communications professional. We invite you to come learn about FRESH and DIFFERENT ways two experienced medical information (MI) professionals are working in new ways. First from one member who is embedding their MI team members across functions within their organization to deliver value and “delight customers” based on insights. Second, we change gears to hear how an UBER-like platform can be used to collaborate across drug information professionals to deliver value to customer.

One Medical Voice: Ensuring Consistent, Quality Medical Information Responses Globally

Session Description: Medical Information (MI) plays a key role in providing quality answers to unsolicited requests from healthcare providers. MI’s answers must be of the highest quality, accurate, appropriately balanced, and delivered consistently across the globe, when appropriate. This represents a significant challenge as MI departments globalize and expand their reach into alternative channels. This session will discuss ways that MI departments across three pharmaceutical companies are addressing this challenge with a comprehensive content strategy and utilizing technology to create “One Source of the Truth” for their content. The solution is only part of the story, though. This session will also uncover each company’s journey, from proof-of-concept through implementation, and discuss the best practices and lessons learned that was acquired along the way.

Keynote Address: Future Capability and the World of Tomorrow

Description: In the near future, continuous and rapid technological advancements will enhance and challenge our current way of working. How do we reliably plan for the capability we will need as individuals and organizations, to adapt for success in this changing world? What are the core tenets of a data-driven world that will help us flourish in future medical affairs and scientific communications?


Stop by to say hi to CCC at Table 13!

We’ll be exhibiting throughout the conference, and we’re excited to share the ways organizations are using RightFind to accelerate the research process and gain scientific insights more quickly.

If you’re attending the show, we’d love to schedule some time to chat. Click here to set up a meeting.


Not attending? Follow along using the hashtag #MASC2018.


Author: Molly Tainter

Molly Buccini is a marketing communications manager at CCC. Her background before CCC includes B2B content marketing and local news reporting. Outside of the office, she enjoys reading, traveling, and theater.
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