Exploring Innovation at STM Week 2019


Exploring Innovation at STM Week 2019

CCC returned to the International Association of STM Publishers (STM) annual conference STM Week from December 3-5, 2019 at the Congress Centre in London. The three-day event was devoted to Innovations, Digital Publishing, and a new interactive component called Ideas Factory. Throughout the conference, experts shared insights on Open Science enablement and best practices for digital publishing processes. Catch up on the conversation on social media using #STMInnovations.

Following tradition, CCC hosted the opening reception on Tuesday, December 3. We also spearheaded a panel discussion as part of the Digital Publishing agenda on Wednesday, December 4.

Computers as content consumers: Are publishers ready for the new readers?
A Panel Discussion moderated by Chris Kenneally, Director Content Marketing, CCC
Wednesday, December 4 from 11:00 to 11:45

  • Tom Morris, Sr. Director, Engineering, Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)
  • Sadia Shahid, Director of Strategy, Wizdom.ai
  • Andy Halliday, Senior Product Manager, Springer Nature

While the public may marvel at machine-generated output from Siri and Alexa to their questions about the world, publishers understand that producing the “input” to help such machines form their answers is an attractive, forward-thinking business opportunity. Computers, however, do not “read” in the same way as do humans. Savvy publishers recognize the types of adjustments that will cater to this new “machine reader,” then make systematic changes across their repertoire —or at least, in a specific subject area – to maximize results. Join us for a discussion of “publishing for machines,” and learn steps you can take to prepare your content for computer consumption.

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Chuck Hemenway

Author: Chuck Hemenway

Chuck Hemenway is Director of Sales, Publisher, for Copyright Clearance Center. He has been with CCC for 15 years, and is responsible for helping publishers find efficiency through automation, technology and market-wide collaboration. His primary focus is the market-wide adoption of the RightsLink Author platform, and the exploration of new efficiencies and revenue opportunities for publishers.

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