Buzzwords like artificial intelligence and machine learning are used by nearly every vendor in 2021. These emerging technologies present exciting new opportunities for information professionals to help researchers turn scientific content and data into insights to accelerate innovation, but the specifics are often lacking. 

On June 22, CCC will join with partners Causaly and Scite for an exclusive panel interview that will feature real-world ways these emerging technologies can benefit information professionals across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. 

Topics and examples will include semantic enrichment, knowledge graphs, and citation metrics. You’ll walk away from this panel with tips and strategies to increase your return on content investments and better equip researchers to solve today’s challenges.

Interested in attending? Here are the details:   

  • What: 60-minute panel session, hosted by Special Libraries Associations’ Pharma and Health Tech Division
  • When: Tuesday, June 22 at 1 p.m. EDT
  • WhereRegister here
  • Featuring
    • Michael Iarrobino: Copyright Clearance Center, Director Product Management
    • Yiannis Kiachopoulos: Causaly, Co-founder and CEO
    • Josh Nicholson, PhD:, Chief Executive Officer
    • Moderator: Lauren Tulloch, Copyright Clearance Center, Vice President and Managing Director

Start learning now. Check out these CCC guest blog posts from our partners at Causaly and Scite: 


Author: Ray Gilmartin

Ray Gilmartin is Director of Corporate Solutions for Copyright Clearance Center. He is responsible for knowledge management products within the Corporate Business Unit including RightFind Navigate, RightFind Professional, and XML for Mining. Ray has diverse experience in providing innovative tools for the management and distribution of information across multiple industries. Before joining CCC, he served in several leadership roles at Akamai, Avid Technology, and HP after beginning his career in TV journalism roles at Hearst Broadcasting and the Christian Science Monitor. Ray holds an MBA from Boston University and resides in Massachusetts with his wife and two young children.
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