Together with Alfresco, CCC is excited to share the 2018 Summer edition of the “Digital Transformation Must-Reads” series – a thoughtfully curated selection of important articles, webinars and podcasts. These topics from the past few months covering critical issues, developments and trends in publishing as the industry continues to transform and evolve through technological advances and practices enabling experimentation between content-rich publishers and eager consumers.

Breaking the Print Model in Digital Delivery [webinar replay]

via SSP

Despite interest in the ‘article of the future,’ users still tend to prefer downloading PDF versions. But is this behavior beginning to change? In this webinar, learn how some publishers are taking advantage of the digital medium to deliver greater value to their users.

The Global Battle for Attention and Authority – Have We Already Lost?

via The Scholarly Kitchen

As a society, are we too eager to welcome technology and its conveniences without consideration of the long-term costs? That’s the question explored in this interview with Siva Vaidhyanathan, Robertson Professor of Media Studies at the University of Virginia.

Mexican Booksellers and Digital Sales Infrastructure: Managing Metadata

via Publishing Perspectives

How can booksellers survive in the era of digital reading and online retail? This article recaps a discussion at CONTEC Mexico, where panelists promoted the use of digital services that can support the sales environment for book retailers.

When it comes to innovation, try thinking small

via The Bookseller

Here at CCC, we talk a lot about becoming digital as a combination of people, process and technology. In this article, Molly Flatt focuses on the “people” aspect of the process. “To innovate, create meaningful work, and remain sane and empathetic in the process, we don’t just need to understand the tsunami of new digital platforms,” she says. “We need to be able to manage the overload of demands those platforms have brought us, and reclaim some creative headspace.”

How Publishers can Engineer Higher Readership Per Article

via Publishing Executive

Those of us who work in digital publishing know creating content to post online is only one piece of the puzzle – getting eyes on that content is another challenge. This article describes how Ebner Publishing looked at its content strategy, and revamped it so more eyes see more articles. The result? Readership has never been higher, including print, online, newsletters, events and social media.

Publishers Partnerships: B2B Solutions in Digital Transformation [podcast] 

via DigiPub

Meeting readers where they want to experience content is one aspect of publishing’s “digital transformation.” In this episode, DigiPub host Sue Brown talks with Ixxus’ Steffanie Ness about specific steps publishers can take to achieve digital transformation — and satisfy the need for product innovation while achieving operational savings.


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Author: Renee Swank

Renee Swank, Senior Director, has 25 years of experience in publishing, content, and knowledge management. She works with customers to define vision and drive business transformation to support new digital-first and content enrichment processes, as well as new ways to search, discover, and analyze content.

Author: Ganessan Paramanathan

Ganessan Paramanathan serves as evangelist and solutions architect at Alfresco, an enterprise open-source software company focused on driving the convergence of enterprise content management and business process management to advance the flow of digital business.
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