Copyright Clearance Center has once again partnered with The Frankfurt Book Fair to spotlight innovation in global publishing. CCC will host interactive panel discussions and presentations by industry experts, including: 

COVID-19, Copyright and the Creative Economy 

Tuesday, 13 October, 11:00am – 11:30am, EDT, 17:00 CEST 

The global pandemic has dramatically accelerated the shift to digital media across the globe. In the virtual environment where distance is now immaterial, humanity has both converged and been scattered. The essential work of publishing – sharing knowledge and enabling expressions – has never been more important. 

  • Bodour Al Qasimi, Vice President, International Publisher Association; Founder and CEO, Kalimat Publishing Group 
  • Tracey Armstrong, President and CEO, CCC 
  • Fathima Dada, Managing Director of Oxford Education, OUP 
  • Michael Healy, Executive Director, International Relations, CCC 

Where Publishing and the Pandemic Meet 

Thursday, 15 October, 11:00am – 12:00pm EDT; 17:00 – 18:00 CEST 

When CCC invited senior policy makers, scholarly and society publishers, funders, institutions and researchers to meet in London last year, participants explored how best to advance scholarly research and improve the scientific publishing ecosystem. And while market disruptions, expected and unexpected, are always a factor in scientific publishing, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly became the catalyst to accelerate the industry’s pursuit of open science, business model evolution, and digital transformation. Panelists will share data about the coronavirus disruption to STEM publishing across key points in the ecosystem – how it drives their investments, influences their Transformative Agreement deals, and shapes the innovations they hope to bring to market. Attendees will learn how stakeholders have stepped up to meet the rigorous expectations of researchers worldwide in 2020. 

  • Tony Alves, Director, Product Management, Aries Systems 
  • Rachel Burley, President, Research Square 
  • Tatiana Khayrullina, Director, Lead Analyst, Scientific and Technical Solutions, Outsell, Inc. 
  • Andrew Popper, Global Products & Marketing, IEEE
  • Jennifer Goodrich, Director, Product Management, Publisher Solutions, CCC 
  • Christopher Kenneally, Director, Content, CCC 

“As the Frankfurt Book Fair is virtual this year, we are adapting our programming to resonate with audiences worldwide, celebrating the innovative solutions being developed by the publishing industry,” said Michael Healy, Executive Director, International Relations, CCC. “We look forward to engaging in valuable discussions on key issues and fully supporting the Book Fair’s 2020 motto – Signals of Hope: New Perspectives for a Stronger Future.” 

Author: CCC

A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) is a leading information solutions provider to organizations around the world. With deep domain expertise in copyright, technology, content, PIDs, FAIR data principles, metadata, and more, CCC works to advance copyright, accelerate knowledge, and power innovation. CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect help organizations harness the power of data, AI, and machine learning to drive strategic decision-making, grow their businesses, and gain competitive advantage.
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