In response to overwhelming client feedback, CCC is excited to announce that we are making it easier than ever to automatically manage references when working in Microsoft PowerPoint.  Life science companies trust RightFind Cite It to simplify reference management by formatting citations with relevant styles in Microsoft Word, and now these important capabilities are available for PowerPoint.

Most reference management tools are unavailable on PowerPoint and do not cater to the needs of knowledge workers within corporations, but instead focus on features needed by individual, academic researchers. We saw this gap in the market and wanted to develop a solution for corporate medical and scientific writers to incorporate reference management into their familiar tools and workflows. After speaking with small, medium, and large enterprises, we are excited to offer distinct workflows that resonate across all organizational sizes when citing content within PowerPoint.

For example, Medical Information and Medical Communication teams have stressed how important it is to manage references within PowerPoint. These groups frequently communicate with various stakeholders including healthcare professionals (HCPs), regulatory authorities, and key opinion leaders (KOLs), which require responsive educational materials to be made that break down the mechanism, administration, and effectiveness of the drug/medical device available within the company’s portfolio. All of these artifacts require citations to be added consistently and accurately across slides that adhere to regulatory guidelines set forth by the FDA and EMA. Citing meaningful and accurate references alongside these claims helps establish credibility on how the solution is able to treat the problem at hand.

“Time is of the essence when communicating with healthcare professionals. Software that simplifies the authoring experience can be a major win for these responsive teams, and integrating reference management into PowerPoint helps teams to be more efficient and consistent when supplying HCPs with the critical information they need,” said Lauren Tulloch, VP & Managing Director of Corporate Markets at CCC.

RightFind Cite It’s functionality within PowerPoint enables medical and scientific writers to:

  • Search for references across the RightFind catalog of 155+ million citations
  • Cite references with ease from personal, shared, or company libraries
  • Insert and re-order references on slides and have the bibliography update automatically
  • Consolidate the bibliography in the footnotes of each slide
  • Easily update the citation style on one slide or all slides at once
  • Edit references or create new references directly within PowerPoint
  • Order full text with appropriate re-use rights for cited references directly from a slide

Within CCC’s RightFind Suite, RightFind Cite It and RightFind Enterprise come together to make a powerful reference management tool for Microsoft Word or PowerPoint on Windows and Mac. Having this accessibility and consistency across products allow corporate medical and scientific writers to develop content in a collaborative and copyright compliant environment.

CCC’s award-winning RightFind research solution is used by hundreds of global R&D teams and other corporate content users from the smallest emerging life sciences companies to the largest global R&D organizations. Learn more about how CCC’s RightFind Suite can provide solutions to support your organization’s content and research needs.

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Author: Shais Raza

Shais Raza is an Associate Product Solutions Manager at CCC, identifying market problems and developing innovative solutions for commercial R&D organizations. He joined the organization in 2021 and brings an entrepreneurial background to copyright and software. He is the business owner of two software solutions within the RightFind Suite: RightFind Cite It and RightFind Business Intelligence. His goal is to make these two solutions stand out the in the market by saving researchers time and providing them with the data they need to make informed decisions. Shais has an undergrad degree in Microbiology from Michigan State and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.
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