March for Science, April 22 in Washington DC

The March for Science, planned for Earth Day, April 22, promises to be an unprecedented series of events—gathering scientists and science-minded citizens from around the world to promote and embrace scientific research and discovery.

CCC is proud to announce that we’ll be there in Washington, D.C. and in Boston to support the primary mission of the March: celebrating science and the essential role it plays in our everyday lives. We’ll be joining several of our partners—including AAAS and the NY Academy of Sciences—to support a message of inclusiveness and diversity that embraces the role of empirical evidence in seeking answers for the benefit of the public good.

I recently sat down with several leading scientific publishing experts at the London Book Fair to discuss the challenges that modern researchers face.  As the amount of data and content required by scientists proliferates exponentially, how can we streamline the processes for accessing it in a way that creates more collaboration and improves decision making? At CCC, we’ve been fortunate to work closely with the scientific community to help researchers overcome one of the biggest obstacles in the discovery process: navigating the content and data challenges that hinder research.

Whether it’s accelerating R&D for the next wonder drug, or funding a cure for cancer, the research communities that power these breakthroughs need quick access to data. Putting more data into the hands of the scientists who know what to do with it will unlock greater innovation and advancement in solving some of the biggest issues we face today.

CCC is proud to participate in the March for Science to ensure researchers and the scientific community have the content they need today to power discovery tomorrow.

Author: Tracey Armstrong

Tracey Armstrong is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCC. Since becoming CEO in 2007, she has led CCC through a period of tremendous growth and innovation. Armstrong works with publishers, authors, universities, businesses, and industry associations around the world to address copyright issues and establish alliances. A leading voice on global copyright, she is President of the Board of Directors for the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO). Armstrong champions CCC’s “We Not Me” program promoting corporate and individual social responsibility. She also serves on the Board of Harborlight Community Partners, a Massachusetts-based non-profit Community Development Corporation that cultivates just, equitable, and sustainable housing opportunities. Armstrong holds an MBA from Northeastern University.
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