Open access models, Plan S, and Projekt Deal, among others, show that scientific publishing paradigm is shifting to meet the changing ecosystem. In order to achieve success in this new environment, where many feel that the current ecosystem is not fit for purpose, greater collaboration between key stakeholders in the scientific publishing industry is more important than ever. Copyright Clearance Center and Outsell have joined forces to create a comprehensive map that reflects the complex relationships between stakeholders in the scientific publishing ecosystem. The map does not construct a new, ideal process but rather attempts to create a common language and understanding of the ecosystem from the perspective of each stakeholder with the hope that understanding will be the foundation for concrete change.

Scientific Publishing EcosystemDiscussing the Future of Science

On 10 October 2019, Copyright Clearance Center and Outsell brought together thought leaders across the scientific publishing industry to announce the release of the Scientific Publishing Ecosystem at the inaugural Future of Science event, which was held at the Royal Society of the Arts in London. This ecosystem breaks down the industry into five key nodes of the scientific publishing process:



  • Research & Discovery
  • Authoring & Research Output
  • Peer Review
  • Publish & Distribute
  • Post-Publication


“I think we made great progress this afternoon in bringing a community of diverse stakeholders together and having some very open dialogue,” said Tracey Armstrong, President & CEO of Copyright Clearance Center. “I was very impressed with the way people came to the table, literally and figuratively, to really contribute their perspective.”

Hard at Work

Over the last several months, CCC and Outsell have worked to find a way to document and identify the relationships and details associated with the scientific publishing ecosystem.

“We spent time, CCC in collaboration with Outsell, really peeling apart the scholarly ecosystem,” said Anthea Stratigos, Co-founder & CEO of Outsell, Inc. “Getting feedback from the marketplace and putting together a very comprehensive view of all the steps of the process.”

Rave Reviews

The Scientific Publishing Ecosystem received exceptional feedback from the attendees at the Future of Science Event.

“I think this is great, great insight and great work in terms of helping us and helping the larger community understand the different moving pieces,” said Abhishek Goel, Co-founder and CEO of Cactus Communications.

“The discussion this afternoon was [sic] interesting if you think of it as a journey. It confirms [sic] we are, at least, moving in the right direction,” said Salvatore Mele, Special Advisor for Open Science at CERN.

Recommended Reading

Copyright Clearance Center has launched a dedicated webpage to share and explore the Scientific Publication Ecosystem and expand the understanding of how each node interacts with one another. The site includes the map as well as the Scientific Publishing Ecosystem Report.


Author: Jennifer Goodrich

As Director of Product Management at CCC, Jen Goodrich leads the development and evolution of CCC’s transactional licensing services as well as its RightsLink® for Scientific Communications platform, an innovative e-commerce platform that automates the payment and collection of article publication charges (APCs) for open access content. Her current focus includes helping publishers codify and implement their transformative agreements (such as Read and Publish, Publish and Read and Pure Open Access) with institutions and funders, as the scholarly communications ecosystem migrates from traditional subscription publishing to open access publishing. Jen and the RightsLink team work closely with publishers, authors, manuscript management systems, standards organizations as well as academic and funding institutions to ensure the platform meets the needs of all open access stakeholders.
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