Building an Indie Editorial Team


video trailer for the recently published book boldly promises, “your adventure awaits.” The collection of short stories, Arcanum Draconis: Tales from the Violet Thorne, builds on characters and plotlines set in the world of Draconis, a live-action role-playing game. Think Dungeons & Dragons come to life. But the players in this shared world game aren’t only acting, they are also creating.

When a trio of Draconis players, living in the greater Boston area, moved from the New England woods, where they go LARPing, to the online digital environment of independent publishing, they found another adventure awaited them. In the world of the Violet Thorne, alliances are made and broken, and the imaginary becomes real. And just like the LARP, indie publishing turns out to require creativity, collaboration, and commitment to a shared world.

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Building an Indie Editorial Team

“I just think the book and the game complement each other well, and it’s a way for us to illustrate that we’re established, that we’ve got a lot of lore that goes into the games,” explained Bruno Tramontozzi. “A lot of times when people want to play a game like ours, they want to know what’s the world like, and there’s a one-pager that sums that up for us. Now, we have literally a book, in addition to the entire series.

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