Share Content

From course management systems to e-reserves, technology is changing the way faculty, staff and students share information. CCC’s copyright permissions resources make it easy for members of your academic community to share content in print form, online and in the classroom.

The Annual Copyright License provides you and your colleagues with a single, multi-use license for your institution, allowing faculty, researchers and staff to share content across the campus with ease.

CCC’s Pay-Per-Use Services provide quick and easy single-use rights licensing options for faculty, students and staff at academic institutions to use and share content from the world’s leading titles in science, technology, medicine, news, finance and more.

Meanwhile, CCC’s MOOCs Content Licensing Solution makes it possible to include published content in course readings for academic MOOCs and ensure enrolled students use those materials responsibly. Plus, it alleviates the burden on the sponsoring institution of having to absorb the cost of permissions on a large scale.