About CCC

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) clears the path to integrated data and information, accelerates knowledge and advances copyright. We build solutions that combine licensing, content, software and professional services to advance the way people integrate, access and share information. We start by listening to the customer.

We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to cause substantial business disruption. CCC is committed to our customers, our products and services are fully available, our business operations proceed uninterrupted and our global customer support teams continue to provide outstanding service. Read CCC’s full statement on COVID-19.

Advancing Copyright

Copyright is at the core of CCC’s business. As a global leader in voluntary collective licensing with 40+ years of industry experience, CCC sets the standard for an efficient global rights marketplace. We do this by providing frictionless licensing solutions integrated with our software and rights expertise. CCC advocates for copyright through our educational programs, award-winning content, and our collaboration with publisher, author and collective management organizations.

Accelerating Knowledge

In the race to get products to market faster and with less risk, companies worldwide turn to CCC for solutions that help them turn critical information and insights into the knowledge they need to power innovation. It starts with getting researchers the information they want when they want it. We help companies manage vast amounts of third-party and proprietary content and data, reduce operational costs, simplify licensing to promote collaboration, and most importantly—accelerate outcomes. Explore our solutions.

Powering Innovation

CCC sets the standard for effective copyright solutions that enable information industry leaders to seize new opportunities. We continue to build unique solutions that help organizations navigate vast amounts of data to discover actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions.

For press information and media inquiries, please email CCC Public Relations.

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