Powerful solutions for licensing, fee management and value-added services

For years, RightsLink has powered licensing and content transactions for many of the world’s leading publishers. More recently, RightsLink has expanded its capabilities to support the scholarly publishing process with advanced article processing charge (APC) management, collection, and reporting. RightsLink is viewed by many as the industry standard, deployed by more than 30 of the world’s leading publishers and nearly 80 institutions, representing about 2,000 journals and accessed by authors from over 125 countries.

RightsLink delivers comprehensive and customized scholarly communications workflow solutions to address the needs of the world’s most prestigious publishers, academic institutions, funding agencies, researchers, government agencies and corporations. The result of collaboration among stakeholders, RightsLink offers sophisticated market-based solutions and professional services to accelerate knowledge, power innovation and advance copyright.

RightsLink for Permissions supports publishers and their customers with a world-class, trusted solution to facilitate permissions and reprints requests for copyrighted articles, images, mobile and new media content, directly from the publishers’ websites. Learn more.

RightsLink for Scientific Communications is the market-leading solution supporting publishers with a wide range of workflows for easy management, collection, and reporting on a variety of publication charges. Learn more.