Annual Copyright License

With the Annual Copyright License, your entire organization gets the freedom to share copyrighted content from journals and blogs to books and news sources. Employees can exchange published information from millions of sources with colleagues down the hall and around the world.

Minimize Infringement Risk

You can breathe easy knowing that your employees have the rights to share copyrighted material while respecting third-party intellectual property rights. The Annual Copyright License helps to minimize your infringement risk. You can also extend the coverage of your Annual Copyright License to employees based outside the U.S.

View Your Rights Anytime

Along with the Annual Copyright License, you get CCC’s RightFind® Advisor tool that puts information about those rights at your colleagues’ fingertips. This tool integrates seamlessly with your CCC license to make collaboration and copyright compliance easy.

Add Movie and TV Show Rights

There’s a simple way to license the use of scenes and full-length movies and TV shows in your organization. Learn about the Motion Picture License.

Add Music to Your Presentations and Videos

Find high-quality licensed music tracks that are just right for your presentations and videos. Learn about RightFind® Music.

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