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  • Guidelines for Creating a Copyright Compliance Policy

    Practical steps for businesses to comply with copyright law: Your decision to invest in an Annual Copyright License from Copyright Clearance Center is proof of your organization’s desire to comply with copyright law. To further assist you in achieving that goal, we have developed the following guidelines for drafting and implementing a copyright compliance policy for your organization.

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  • Why Movies?

    Movie scenes are useful in corporate presentations or in training because they evoke emotions and are non-threatening, while providing a quick, direct way for learners to understand, recognize and analyze a particular topic, issue or emotion.

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  • Top 3 Challenges for Commercial Text Miners

    In biomedical R&D, researchers use text mining tools to extract and interpret facts, assertions and relationships from vast amounts of published information. Mining accelerates the research process, increases discovery and helps companies identify potential safety issues in the drug development pipeline. However, despite the many benefits of text mining, researchers face a number of obstacles before they even get a chance to run queries against the body of biomedical literature.

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  • When Search Gets in the Way

    Despite a surplus of content, today’s employees are caught in an endless loop of searches in the pursuit of relevant and credible information. Learn about some steps you can take to clear obstacles to information and help get your colleagues out of search mode.

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  • Copyright Matters: What Every Corporate Counsel Should Know

    “The big misperception by corporate counsel and executives is that employee infringement is an employee issue rather than a corporate one.” That was a quote from renowned IP attorney Thomas Kirby. See why Kirby and others say copyright is a topic to which corporate counsel should pay attention.

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  • Risky Business of Information Sharing

    Research shows employees get and share content regularly, yet many don’t think about copyright. That poses particular legal and ethical challenges for every business. Read this paper for an informed look at the state of content sharing and copyright awareness in the workplace, and what companies can do to mitigate risk.

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  • Top 10 Misconceptions About Copyright

    Copyright is often misunderstood. Routine content exchanges made by employees may in fact be placing your organization at a greater risk of infringement. Here are some common misconceptions around information sharing in the workplace and guidelines for educating employees on the responsible use of content.

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  • How Verizon Cut Its Copyright Infringement Risk

    Communications and technology solutions leader Verizon wanted to better ensure that its employees around the world could innovate and collaborate effectively without putting the company at risk of copyright infringement. The company makes ethical standards a top priority and sought to deploy a copyright compliance strategy that made it easy for their workers to do the right thing when it came to using and sharing copyrighted material.

    Read this article from Patrick Flaherty, Associate General Counsel at Verizon, to learn how Verizon Communications developed and manages copyright compliance across a workforce of more than 176,000 employees around the world.

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  • What Is (and Isn’t) Protected by Copyright?

    Employees consume and share copyrighted materials all day long. It’s just business. However, routine content exchanges, such as sharing published reports, articles and other information found on the Web, have copyright implications, which can expose companies to a greater risk of infringement.

    In the U.S., copyright is a form of protection provided by the government to the authors of “original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other intellectual works.”

    CCC has created this guide to help you navigate where copyright law protection begins and ends.

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  • Good corporate citizens respect the property of others, including copyright

    In today’s complex and competitive business environment, businesses—both public and private—are finding themselves under mounting pressure from all directions to operate in a manner that defines them as good corporate citizens. It’s no longer enough for an organization to come up with an industry-leading breakthrough or to report another profitable quarter. A quick scan of recent headlines shows how irresponsible corporate behavior can cause damage to reputations, and even to the bottom line.

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  • Infographic: Copyright & Content Use in the Workplace

    How important is copyrighted material to your company? In this infographic, Copyright Clearance Center shows how often business professionals use and share journal articles, blog posts, videos and other content as part of their day-to-day jobs. And, it gives insight into just how much (or how little) workers think about their responsibilities when it comes to using copyrighted content.

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