Minimizing Corporate Copyright Infringement

A Look at Wells Fargo’s Strategy

An employee is the sole subscriber to a newsletter and forwards a PDF of it regularly to others on his team. Another employee shares her login credentials for a publisher website so others on her team can read the articles on the site. Risky? Absolutely.

Carrie Hefte, Wells Fargo’s Senior Company Counsel-IP discusses common employee misconceptions about copyright law that have created infringement risks for her organization and that could exist at your company as well. She will share her own experiences in mitigating risk and share some of her best practices for promoting copyright compliance companywide.
Carrie Hefte
Senior Company Counsel – IP
Wells Fargo & Company
Carrie advises on copyright, trademark and other intellectual property issues that arise from any of Wells Fargo’s 265,000 employees. Carrie is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School, and is the current chair of the Wells Fargo Law Department’s Mentorship Program