Education Continuity License: Copyright Permissions for Educational Use

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our daily lives in significant ways. Across the U.S. and in other countries, schools are closed, moving instruction from the classroom to distance learning models. We are aware that you and other educators across the K-12 to post-secondary spectrum are taking steps to address this crisis and modify and deliver instruction to reach and engage learners, many of whom are at home and are online.

Educators in the U.S. are contacting CCC with questions about using copyrighted materials in their student lessons during the pandemic. As CCC is not able to offer advice as to whether a license to use the material is required,  CCC has coordinated with publishers to authorize the use of publishers’ materials in distance learning models and other uses as required by the pandemic, at no cost to the user, during this time of emergency.

Authorization to Use Materials
CCC, on behalf of the relevant publisher or other copyright rights holder (“Rightsholder”), authorizes you to use the copyrighted materials identified by you in this submission form within the United States in any way necessary to continue home schooling, online education and any other mechanism required in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This includes uses such as (but not limited to) reproduction and distribution of copies, display (such as through a computer), performance (such as reading aloud) and other copyright-protected rights to the extent the relevant Rightsholder has the rights to grant them.  This authorization is valid through August 1, 2020. No other uses are authorized except as stated herein.

In consideration of this authorization, you agree to provide the information requested below. Such information will be used only in accordance with CCC’s privacy policy. For clarity, you will not be charged any fees by CCC or the Rightsholder in connection with this authorization. Click here for a series of FAQs about the Education Continuity License.

Please note that this is a license to make further uses of content you have already lawfully obtained, and no content will be provided to you in response to your submission.

By clicking the “submit” button below, you hereby accept and agree to the terms of this authorization as stated above. If you are accepting on behalf of an institution, you also certify that you are authorized to accept on its behalf.