Join us for a variety of webinars covering topics such as copyright, content use and compliance tips.

  • Movie Scenes: Deliver Serious Messages in an Entertaining Way

    Tired of dry, boring meetings and presentations? Join Becky Pike Pluth of the Bob Pike Group and CCC’s Liz Bilodeau to learn how adding movie scenes can help put power, punch, and pizzazz into meetings and learning.

    The use of movie scenes can help deliver a serious message and be motivational and entertaining at the same time. In this interactive webinar, we’ll explore:

    • Six ways to use a single movie scene.
    • A three-step process for selecting the best methodology.
    • How to easily select and legally use movie scenes in your next training, meeting or presentation.

    Attendees will receive Becky Pike Pluth’s eBook “101 Movie Clips that Teach and Train.”

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  • Masters in Publishing Webinar Series: Building Innovation in Mission-Driven Organizations

    In our latest Masters in Publishing webinar, Alison Mudditt, Director of University of California Press, will discuss how to build and maintain a culture of innovation within a mission-driven organization. She will address the challenges inherent in positioning the organization to innovate for the future while also attending to current products and processes. In a conversation with Seth Denbo, Director of Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives at the American Historical Association, Alison will offer insights and practical suggestions for creating a flexible and nimble organization that is strategically focused and ready for the challenges ahead.

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  • Global Copyright Challenges

    In business, there are no geographic boundaries. Employees exchange information regardless of where they are located. Yet copyright obligations often vary from one country to the next, creating a complex set of challenges for global organizations.

    This session features:

    • An overview of global copyright fundamentals
    • A focus on the complexities of global copyright in today’s business world
    • A question and answer session

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  • Herausforderung Urheberrecht – Eine Sammellizenz schafft Abhilfe

    • Verwendung von urheberrechtlich geschütztem Material im Geschäftsalltag
    • Herausforderung in Bezug auf “Copyright Compliance” weltweit
    • Lizenzlösung aus einer Hand: Welche Publikationen sind abgedeckt?
    • Zeit für Ihre Fragen

    Im heutigen Geschäftsalltag gibt es beim Austausch von Informationen keine
    technischen Grenzen mehr. Mitarbeiter in Unternehmen tun dies täglich.
    Weltweit. Unabhängig von Ihrem Standort. Doch urheberrechtliche
    Verpflichtungen existieren und variieren von einem Land zum nächsten. Das
    Webinar zeigt einen Weg auf, wie Ihr Unternehmen abonnierte oder einzeln
    erworbene Inhalte rechtmäßig wiederverwenden und Urheberrechtsverletzungen
    wirksam ausschließen kann.

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  • “What’s new in journal metrics? CiteScore and more”

    In this webinar, recent innovations in journal metrics will be examined from the viewpoint of an organization that produces such metrics, and from the perspective of the end user. Chris James will provide an overview of CiteScore metrics, a new standard which aims to provide a comprehensive view of a journal’s impact. He will discuss Elsevier’s reasons for introducing this tool, differentiate it from existing metrics, and will talk about its uses, applications, and pitfalls. Chris will also share his two golden rules for using research metrics. Ludo Waltman will discuss CiteScore from a bibliometric perspective, highlighting the pros and cons of the new metric. Ludo will also address end-user considerations for CiteScore and more broadly for journal metrics in general.

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