RightFind™ XML for Mining

Improve Your Text Mining Results with Full-Text XML Articles

Life science companies increasingly rely on text mining to glean important insights from vast amounts of published information. But researchers struggle to gain access to full-text articles for text mining. When they do get the full text they must contend with multiple formats and inconsistent license terms – all of which inhibit text mining efforts.

The RightFind™ XML for Mining solution enables you to make discoveries and connections that can only be found in full-text. You can obtain XML- formatted content from publications you subscribe to and discover articles that fall outside of company subscriptions, giving you the most complete article collection for mining.


Solution Benefits:

  • Go beyond the abstract level to search, download and mine full-text articles in XML format from both company subscriptions as well as unsubscribed published material.
  • Gain the peace-of-mind that your text mining projects comply with copyright, minimizing your organization’s infringement risk.
  • Reduce the time and costs associated with article conversions, content management, and negotiations with publishers.

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