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CCC’s Reprints and ePrints service provides you with the full-service delivery of high-quality reprints and ePrints. Our dedicated team can supply your organization with article reprints in bulk quantities from publishers and societies from around the world. All reprints and ePrints are cleared with the publishers by CCC for distribution.

Our personalized service provides you with the convenience of custom billing and shipping, order tracking and usage analytics. Take advantage of group purchasing to consolidate orders across your business for even greater savings.

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  • High quality commercial reprints of journal articles in bulk quantities
  • U.S. & European printing, distribution and storage
  • Order customization
  • Custom shrink-wrapping and repackaging options
  • Shipping management and tracking


  • Emailed links to secured journal articles
  • Insights to article usage, analytics and reporting
  • Mobile sales aids

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