RightFind® Music

Find High-Quality Licensed Music Tracks that are Just Right for Your Presentations and Videos.

Increasingly, marketing, training and sales teams turn to music as a way to attract and engage colleagues, customers and prospects. However, finding the right music track and the acquiring permission to use it in presentations and videos can be time-consuming and expensive. According to a 2016 survey conducted by CCC of corporate marketing, sales, communications and training professionals on their use of music in the workplace and their content and licensing challenges, 37% said the biggest hurdles to using music at work were finding relevant sources and getting copyright permissions.

RightFind® Music provides an easy-to-use, search and file management website which helps you quickly find, download and manage music from a collection of more than 500,000 tracks licensed for use in company presentations and videos – all while simplifying copyright compliance.

RightFind Music includes the Music Use License which gives you, your colleagues and outside agencies (e.g., third-party video or design production companies or consultants) you hire, the rights to use high-quality music to enhance training, marketing and sales presentations and videos and the assurance that your organization is backed by indemnification.

Solution Benefits

  • Simplify copyright compliance
  • Find the right music to create impactful presentations and videos.
  • Download and use the right music tracks on your timeline – No licensing delays.
  • Manage your music tracks and projects quickly and easily – Share with your collaborators.

RightFind Music is Ideal for:

  • Marketing – Enhance presentations and videos for product promotion, sales meetings, conferences and company events.
  • Sales – Inspire and motivate your sales team, engage clients and prospects.
  • Corporate Communications – Enliven your company’s brand and create entertaining internal communications.
  • Training and Staff Development – Energize your employee training and education programs.
  • Recruitment – Strengthen your recruitment program.

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