Managed Knowledge Services

Seeing the Author As s Customer

One way R&D-intensive organizations can maintain a competitive edge is by hiring information professionals who can search, manage, and disseminate various types of business-critical information. However, finding highly skilled information professionals can be time consuming, and in some geographic markets very challenging.

Copyright Clearance Center and its subsidiary, RightsDirect, are pleased to offer Managed Knowledge Services to provide highly skilled information experts matched to your organization’s unique needs and culture and help you achieve your strategic business objectives.

Partnering with You for Success

Through this innovative service, CCC recruits and hires information professionals on your behalf, as well as provides payroll, benefits, and professional development services. You decide which candidates to hire and how they will work within your organization. With 20 years of experience successfully recruiting information professionals, CCC can help you advance your long-term strategic plans.

Solution Benefits

Experts in hiring information management professionals to meet your unique needs

We take the time to understand your organization’s culture and unique needs, and then leverage our internal and external networks of skilled information professionals to deliver candidates with the right skills to match your needs.

Flexible partnership to help you achieve your strategic business objectives

In partnership with you we establish a mutual approach to management that includes setting measurable goals and expectations to help you achieve your strategic objectives with our resources.

Deep information management expertise

Our information management professionals are experts in library operations, regulatory submission processes, search and information analysis, and competitive intelligence with an average of more than 10 years’ experience. CCC will find you the right information manager professional with the experience you need to help drive your business forward.

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