Learning Content Management System

Modern learning and development (L&D) professionals need to constantly upgrade employees’ skills – not yearly or monthly, but continuously. To do this, they need to move away from discrete courses and instead enable flexible, multi-purpose, agile learning content. While the typical learning management system (LMS) offers advanced features for presenting course content to learners, it is not purpose-built for content authors to collaborate, create and assemble learning content. This is where a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) comes in.

Our Learning Content Management System provides an intuitive authoring interface and powerful content management functionality, enabling instructional designers and L&D professionals to assemble and deliver dynamic content in multiple ways. By ensuring your learning content is rich, dynamic and personalized, you can boost learning outcomes, maximize the value of every content asset, and streamline content production.


  • Improve the quality, accuracy and compliance of course content with copyright and quality standards
  • Streamline authoring, revision and review workflows throughout the content creation process
  • Remove content silos and make content more discoverable
  • Enrich, link, chunk and reuse content
  • Distribute content in multiple formats across your preferred channels in one click

Optional Module: For deeper insight into every project, use our Content Kanban workflow visualization tool to track and manage tasks from start to finish, helping you to keep projects on track and to meet deadlines.

Complementary Service: Enhance courses and make learning assets more engaging with movie scenes  through the Motion Picture License.

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