Join CCC and Ixxus at Tempo di Libri, Livre Paris and FILBo


Join CCC and Ixxus at Tempo di Libri, Livre Paris and FILBo

During March and April, professionals in Italy, France and Colombia will have the opportunity to attend the presentation The Digital Transformation of Publishing: Challenges and Keys to Success.

Where is the publishing industry in its path of digital transformation? What are the obstacles? How can data move more efficiently? Discover the answers through a survey of large international publishing houses and the innovative strategies and solutions proposed by Ixxus, a subsidiary of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

Join CCC and Ixxus at Tempo di Libri, Livre Paris and FILBo

8 March 2018, 16:30-17:15

Tempo di Libri (Italian-language conference)

Milan, Italy

Spazio AIE

La trasformazione digitale dell’editoria: sfide e chiavi del successo: Dove si trova l’editoria nel suo percorso di trasformazione digitale? Quali sono gli ostacoli? Come avanzare in modo più efficiente? Victoriano Colodrón presenterà un’indagine condotta tra grandi case editrici internazionali e le strategie e le soluzioni innovative proposte da Ixxus, società sussidiaria di Copyright Clearance Center. #mondodigitale

Join CCC and Ixxus at Tempo di Libri, Livre Paris and FILBo

19 March 2018, 12:00 – 12:30

Livre Paris (French-language conference)

Paris, France

Stand Allemagne, 1-P67

Où en est la transformation numérique de l’édition? Quels sont les obstacles? Comment avancer plus rapidement? Victoriano Colodrón (Copyright Clearance Center) présentera les résultats d’une enquête menée auprès de maisons d’édition internationales, la stratégie développée par Ixxus et des solutions novatrices en matière de “discoverability”, d’agilité des contenus, de métadonnées.

Join CCC and Ixxus at Tempo di Libri, Livre Paris and FILBo

19 April 2018, 12:00-12:30

Feria Internacional del Libro de Bogotá [FILBo] (Spanish-language conference)

Bogotá, Colombia

Stand Frankfurter Buchmesse, 1702A

¿En qué punto se encuentra la industria editorial en su trayecto de transformación digital? ¿Cuáles son los obstáculos que encuentran las editoriales? ¿Y cómo avanzar de una manera más rápida y eficaz? Victoriano Colodrón, de Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), presentará los resultados de una encuesta realizada entre responsables de grandes editoriales internacionales. Asimismo, hablará del enfoque estratégico en torno a la transformación digital que propone la empresa filial de CCC, Ixxus, y de sus soluciones innovadoras en materia de almacenamiento y ‘agilidad’ de los contenidos, metadatos, discoverability y colaboración.

Victoriano Colodrón

Author: Victoriano Colodrón

Victoriano Colodrón is senior director of international relations at CCC, where he manages relationships with sister organizations in other countries. With a university degree in romance philology from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Victoriano started his career in Spain working at the National Library and the Ministry of Culture. He tweets on copyright and publishing at @vcolodron.

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