MOOC Content Licensing Solution

A Simple, Cost Effective Way to Use Published Content in Your Course Materials

Designed specifically for academic MOOCs, this easy-to-use solution makes it possible to include published content in course readings and give enrolled students the license coverage they need to use those materials compliantly. Plus, it alleviates the burden on the sponsoring institution of having to absorb the cost of permissions on a large scale.

Solution Benefits:

  • Simplifies MOOC copyright compliance
  • Delivers cost-effective published content to enrolled students quickly and easily
  • Distributes the cost of permissions to individual enrolled students
  • Allows students to purchase all or just some of the copyrighted course content based on their need and session participation
  • Supports MOOCs delivered directly by your institution or through a MOOC platform provider such as Coursera or edX

How it Works

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Authorized MOOC Course Materials Partners

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), working with its Authorized MOOC Course Materials providers, developed the MOOC Content Licensing Solution. To speak with a representative from one of our authorized partners, simply click on the appropriate logo below.


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