Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Vendor Integration

A key feature of the Annual Copyright License is the ability to extend the coverage of your license to designated on- and off-campus copy shops and national coursepack providers for your benefit. Here’s how to extend that coverage:

1. Identify the vendors to which you’d like to extend coverage. You can use this sample email to initiate the discussions.

2. Work with your legal counsel to draft an agreement with your selected vendors. For your convenience, we have provided some sample language that you may choose to include as part of your vendor agreement.

3. Consider including service levels in the agreement with your vendors to avoid paying royalty fees for content otherwise covered under your annual license.

4. Provide your CCC Account Manager with each vendor’s contact information — vendor name, contact, address, and phone number — in writing.

5. Educate those coursepack providers to which you have extended the license by showing them how to verify coverage. You can use these slides to help inform your vendors about the license and the Information Usage Survey process. Feel free to edit these slides to suit your needs.