Under the Annual Copyright License for Student Assessments you can reuse excerpts of copyrighted content from participating publishers in K-12 assessments, item banks, and pre- and post-test materials, including rights to use images and videos. As a licensee, you get access to images and videos from three leading providers: AP Archive, Reuters Pictures, and SuperStock.

Get Started

To use images or videos in your assessments and item banks, you will need to have accounts set-up with the specific image and video providers offered under the ACLSA. To do so, please email aclsasupport@copyright.com with your name, organization name, email address, telephone number and the provider(s) you would like access to.

We will contact the provider(s) of your choice with your request and they will reach out to you to set up access to their site to search for and download images. Please be aware that the provider may charge you a fee for a high res copy of the content.

Thanks again for choosing the Annual Copyright License for Student Assessments for your assessment permissions needs.

If you have questions about the license and how to source images and videos for use in assessments, please contact us at aclsasupport@copyright.com.

Featured Providers


Built by leading photographers, illustrators, artists and filmmakers, SuperStock is the premier source for authentic, high-quality images, illustrations, and footage that speak for your brand. They have millions of the world’s finest images and unique curated collections including fine art, vintage, lifestyle, travel, nature and more. SAL users may use any image, graphic, or video found on www.superstock.com.

Associated Press

The Associated Press has the greatest photo news archive in the world, containing over 50 million images. The AP Images website (www.aparchive.com/photos) displays more than three million of these amazing photos of news events, sports, politics, crime, disasters, science, heroes and celebrities, arts and entertainment, and more. Hundreds of images are added to the website on a daily basis from AP’s current photo report as well as a growing selection of historical images from the AP Photo Library that includes negatives, slides, and prints.

The Associated Press Video Archive is the film and video archive of The Associated Press (AP), one of the largest and most trusted sources of independent news gathering. The collection includes over 1.7 million global news and entertainment video stories dating back to 1895, sourced both from AP’s own coverage and from their premium content partners. Hours of new video footage is added daily with coverage from AP’s global news gathering network. ACLSA users may use videos found on www.aparchive.com in which Associated Press is the specified source.


With Reuters Pictures, you can access over 1,600 news images each day, from a global network of 600 photographers, including award-winning photojournalists on the front lines. It’s your chance to show your audience what’s happening as soon as stories unfold. Comprehensive coverage of all major sports and red-carpet events, including pictures from our world-class partners USA TODAY Sports and WENN. Reuters also includes regional and thematic feeds as well as daily news image packages and slideshow galleries. SAL users may use images on pictures.reuters.com. There are specific terms of use for Reuters images in student assessments and item banks so please search “Reuters Pictures” on the RightFind Assessments portal and click on the “terms apply” link before using.