How often do you photocopy articles from magazines and distribute them to co-workers, or e-mail interesting online articles to customers and prospects? If you’re like most business people, you probably do so frequently. You may be surprised to learn that if you are not getting permission to re-use this content, you could be breaking the law.

Almost all current, third-party content is protected by copyrighteven information found on the Internet. Copyright protection exists to encourage the development of new and creative works that spur innovation and can ultimately help drive your business. Failure to respect copyright infringes on the legal rights of the copyright holder and could put you and your organization at risk.

Fortunately, Copyright Clearance Center provides a variety of convenient compliance solutions to help you respect the rights of copyright holders and protect yourself and your organization.

This Guide to Copyright Compliance, produced by Copyright Clearance Center specifically for business professionals, provides helpful information—such as the legal issues that surround the photocopying, e-mailing and Web-posting of text materials—you need to ensure that you and your organization are operating in compliance with copyright law.

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