Student Assessment License: Tools & Resources

The Student Assessment License is an efficient licensing solution that supports the development and administration of K-12 student assessments.

The license does not include access to content, but rather pre-authorized permission to reuse excerpts of copyrighted content (including text, images, and video) from participating publishers in K-12 assessments, item banks, and pre- and post-test materials. That means that when you verify publication titles using the Student Assessment License RightFind Assessments search tool, you no longer need to clear one-off permissions through publishers. The rights have already been pre-cleared and the covered content is ready for inclusion in your assessments.

You can use the RightFind Assessments search tool to quickly and easily confirm coverage to use relevant passages in the assessments you are developing. It’s easy!

Using the Student Assessment License is Easy


Need Help?
Review the Student Assessment License search tool user guide to learn how to find the titles you need.

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