RightsLink for Permissions

Automate Permissions and Reprints Requests from Your Website

A digital transformation is happening in publishing that impacts not only how people discover and consume content, but also how it is licensed and shared.

For over a decade, publishers of all sizes have depended on RightsLink — a powerful transactional service — to facilitate permissions and reprints requests for copyrighted articles, images, mobile and new media content right from their websites.

Configurable – Offer permissions and reprints according to your business rules.

Convenient – Deliver automated / instant / 24×7 licensing and customer service to your customers.

Integrated – Capture reprint orders online and route them directly to your preferred reprint partner.

Responsive – Gain business insights from customer transactions to manage pricing and content creation.

RightsLink frees up your staff’s time, reduces costs, and maximizes revenue.