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CCC is a Premium Partner of the Frankfurt Book Fair – Special Edition 2020 and participated in the following sessions:


COVID-19, Copyright and the Creative Economy – VIEW THE RECORDING
Publishing’s Global Leadership Takes on the Crisis

Watch a special Q&A with the panelists and read a transcript of the session. The global pandemic has dramatically accelerated the shift to digital media across the globe. In the virtual environment where distance is now immaterial, humanity has both converged and been scattered. The essential work of publishing – sharing knowledge and enabling expression – has never been so important. What lessons does COVID-19 present for publishing? How does copyright hold its own in a world of “open”? Where might innovative business models emerge?


Moderator: Michael Healy, Executive Director, International Relations, CCC

  • Bodour Al Qasimi, Vice President, International Publisher Association; Founder and CEO, Kalimat Publishing Group
  • Tracey Armstrong, President and CEO, CCC; 2nd Vice President, IFFRO
  • Fathima Dada, Managing Director of Oxford Education, OUP


Where Publishing and the Pandemic Meet – VIEW THE RECORDING
The Future of Science and the Path to Digital Transformation Starts with Researchers

Listen to the podcast episode. When CCC invited senior policy makers, scholarly and society publishers, funders, institutions and researchers to meet in London, October 2019, these experts in their subject areas explored how best to advance scholarly research and improve the scientific publishing ecosystem. The answer: Start with researchers. Explore the Scientific Publishing Ecosystem map, created in collaboration with Outsell, Inc.

And while market disruptions, expected and unexpected, are always a factor in scientific publishing, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly became the catalyst to accelerate the industry’s digital transformation: Open. Immediate. Accessible. Panelists share their real-time data about the coronavirus correlation on disruption in STEM publishing across key points in the ecosystem – how it drives their investments and shapes the innovations they hope to bring to market. Learn how stakeholders have stepped up to meet the rigorous expectations of researchers worldwide in 2020.


Moderator: Christopher Kenneally, Director, Content, CCC

  • Tony Alves, Director, Product Management, Aries Systems
  • Rachel Burley, President, Research Square
  • Jennifer Goodrich, Director, Product Management, Publisher Solutions, CCC
  • Tatiana Khayrullina, Director, Lead Analyst, Scientific and Technical Solutions, Outsell, Inc.
  • Andrew Popper, Global Products & Marketing, IEEE


Charleston Library Conference Meets Frankfurt Book Fair – VIEW THE RECORDING
AI Extraction: Text and Data Mining – U.S. Approach 

  • Roy Kaufman, Managing Director, Business Development and Government Relations, CCC

CCC “Back-to-School” Virtual Town Hall

Transforming K-12 in the Time of COVID-19

CCC presented a special forum with publishing leaders and learning solutions providers who shared their lesson plans for digital transformation in this new reality. Missed the Virtual Town Hall? View the full recording HERE

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck this spring, schools were closed and instruction went virtual for millions of students. The spotlight fell immediately on educational technology to address the gaps. However, teachers, parents, and kids soon realized that to be successful, they not only needed to online content, but print content as well.

The disruption caused by COVID-19 will have long-lasting repercussions beyond this school year. Learning will continue to be widely varied, with schools delivering a mix of in-person, remote and a hybrid teaching in order to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus while enhancing student outcomes and improving accessibility.


Moderator: Christopher Kenneally, Director, Content, CCC

  • Andrew Campana, Director, Business Development, CCC
  • Karthik Krishnan, Global CEO, Brittanica Group
  • Beth Miller, Chief Knowledge Officer, EL Education
  • Paul Randall, GSB Solutions Product Marketing Manager, HP, Inc.