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Do you need an article for yourself?

Get content on demand and find the articles you need – RightFind provides access to the most comprehensive collection of scientific, technical and medical content. Registration is free – just choose the type of account that best fits your content needs.

If you have any questions on the use of RightFind or locating content, please contact customer service at or 800.422.4633.

Do you need high-quality article reprints or ePrints to distribute broadly to colleagues, clients, and HCPs?

If so, please click the ‘Commercial Reprints’ button below and our team will generate a price quote for your review. All reprints and ePrints are cleared with the publishers by CCC for distribution. Take advantage of group purchasing to consolidate orders across your business for even greater savings.

Have the content but need copyright permissions to share an article?

If you have the content and need only permission to share, you can purchase copyright permissions  on CCC Marketplace ( If you don’t already have an account on Marketplace, you will need to register for one. Clicking the ‘Go to Marketplace’ button below will take you back to the Marketplace website.