Seventh Annual RightsLink® Roundtable by Copyright Clearance Center Provides Valuable Insights

May 3, 2017 – Danvers, Mass.Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a global leader in content management, copyright licensing, discovery, and delivery solutions, recently brought together international delegates from publishing organizations, rights and licensing freelancers, and medical communications agencies for a series of three roundtable meetings at the Institute of Directors in London. The seventh annual RightsLink® Roundtable covered new concepts and plans for updating and evolving the transactional workflow behind the RightsLink platform.

During the roundtables, publisher attendees received important product roadmap updates about order workflow, self-service tools, project-based ordering and reporting, and benchmarking. The roundtables also included working sessions to review and provide feedback on republication, commercial and academic types of use, as well as adaptation rights.

The order workflow was further reviewed with CCC’s leading Republication License Service (RLS) in mind. Permissions acquisition experts provided valuable insight and guidance about order workflow, requirements for enhancements to the platform, and opportunities to integrate project management tools into their internal workflows.

During the third roundtable in the series, medical communications agencies provided valuable insight into their challenges in clearing permissions, the need for clearer, broader, and new types of rights to address the needs of their customers, and the future direction of the medical communications landscape.

“This series of RightsLink and RLS roundtables has been incredibly valuable in validating CCC’s planned enhancements for evolving the RightsLink and RLS platforms,” said Darren Gillgrass, CCC’s Director, Rightsholder Products and Services. “There is a strong willingness and desire from all stakeholders to simplify the process of clearing permissions, integrating with financial systems, and using project management and reporting tools.”

CCC will continue the discussion at a joint meeting of publisher and medical communications agencies planned for the end of May 2017.

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