RightsLink for Permissions Fee Builder Beta Program

Welcome to CCC’s RightsLink for Permissions Fee Builder Beta Program page. Here you will find instructions and a glossary of terms to help you work with the tool. 

The purpose of the Fee Builder beta testing program is to make sure the tool is fit for purpose and enables you and other publishers to efficiently set the final price your customer sees when they order using the MedComms Type of Use. 

You can review the Fee Builder instructions here.

About Fee Builder 

The Fee Builder tool is designed to eliminate the need for you to calculate surcharges and discounts within your MedComms (Reuse in a Medical Communications Project or ‘MedComms TOU’) Fee Schedule. Fee Builder enables you to set the final prices your customers will see in the payment workflow (before taxes) for every combination of: 

  • Activity Type (congress events, standalone meetings, etc.) 
  • Limit of Use Options (audience size and/or duration of license) 
  • Format (printed materials, website, presentation, etc.) 
  • Portion Type (full article, figure, abstract, etc.) 
  • Adaptations 
  • Translations 
Have Questions? 

Please contact us with any questions by email at RightsLink_Beta_Support@copyright.com 


Need assistance? Contact us.

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