RightFind Cite It

Easily Cite References    

When authoring content and submitting articles for publication, reference management shouldn’t slow you down. But it can — because manually creating citations and adhering to the complex rules of various style formats is error-prone.

RightFind Cite It keeps reference management simple by offering an easy-to-use tool that automatically formats citation references with the styles and citations you value, saving you manual work and time. And, RightFind Cite It seamlessly integrates with RightFind Enterprise, so you have one solution for reference management, content access, collaborative workspaces, copyright clearance, and document ordering.

Solution Benefits

  • Add citations easily to your documents with an intuitive user experience.
  • Skip manual citation creation.
  • Choose from over 9,300 citation styles. Custom citation styles are also available.
  • Get access to RightFind’s catalog of over 140 million citations including over 3 million open access articles.
  • Find and easily add references from your personal or shared libraries where you have organized relevant citations.
  • Manage and edit reference lists previously created using select reference management tools to preserve work and save time.
  • Available on Windows and Mac as a Windows add-in.